Yeltsin. A Revolutionary Life

In telling Yeltsin's story, the author recounts the struggles of a great nation at one of its most fateful moments and chronicles the twentieth century's last great revolution.
"In his ambitious and perfectly timed new biography...Aron sets out to reclaim Yeltsin from the cartoonists and establish his importance as the instrument of a profound transformation of Russia. It is a complex and nuanced portrait, not adoring but unabashedly admiring. A godsend . . . a fine, full-blooded political portrait" – Bill Keller, New York Times
Yeltsin : A revolutionary life / Aron Leon. – New York: HarperCollins, 2000. – XXIII, 934 p. – ISBN: 0312251858


Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Part I :A Man from Sverdlovsk
  •     To Survive, to Dare, to Succeed!
  •     The Builder
  •     The Pervyi

Part II: The Bellwether
  •     Perestroika, Mark I
  •     Antaeus
  •     The Year of Truth
  •     America, America   

Part III: The Storm
  •     The Year of Choice
  •     Rolling Up the Sleeves, Raising the Fists    

Part IV: In Power
  •     The Revolution
  •     The President vs. the Soviet
  •     The Nadir
  •     Campaign '96: Choosing Russia's Fate
  •     The Last Struggle
  •     Epilogue: In Search of a Historic Yeltsin

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